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Sell Your Franchise to Enthusiastic Entrepreneurs

One of the keys to successfully franchising your business idea is finding the right people to invest in it.  Successful concepts in one market can often struggle in other markets for a variety of reasons including: understanding neighborhoods, traffic patterns and the overall commercial real estate business (for franchises with a store front).

Franchise Connect provides franchisors with vital services to make your franchise grow in the New York and New Jersey markets. As local and regional experts, we're a safe choice to help expand your franchise.


Market Your Brand with Franchise Connect


Partner with Franchise Connect and Get These Benefits FREE


  • Franchise Connect works with individuals looking for franchises and helps them make the right choices in both choosing a franchise and placing it in the ideal location

  • We can promote your franchise to our 1000+ client list that currently run businesses in our markets.  These entrepreneurs may be interested in your concept or they may know a fellow business person they can recommend to consider the concept.

  • Franchise Connect can pre-qualify ideal retail locations for your franchise so you'll have input on where new stores are located and when they launch.  If you've got insight on where your idea works best we can include this in pitches to our Franchisee clients.

  • We provide special leasing packages that include rent concessions and tenant improvement funds.  When you work with Franchise Connect. You will be able to offer all these benefits to your clients making your concept more desirable and affordable than the competition. 

  • Our franchisee clients have access to properties not listed on the market. These HOT locations lease well before they are listed and we have an inside track on when and where they are available.

  • We can help you expand your business to this market on your own.

As a franchisor located outside the tri-state area, it can be highly difficult to understand such a complex area as the New York / New Jersey region.  Trust Franchise Connect and our expertise to point you and your potential franchisees in the right direction for your business growth.

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