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A Successful New Business Begins with Franchise Connect


Joining a business as a franchisee may seem like an easy choice and one that eliminates many of the risks typically involved with starting a new business. But there are still many upfront decisions to be made that can impact your long-term success.

These Include:

  1. What franchise should I get involved with?

  2. Where should I set up shop?

Franchise Connect can help answer these questions. We work with a variety of franchise providers who are aggressively discovering new outlets in our markets.  These providers deliver great brands, professional marketing tools, operational training and support.

Start Your Franchise Business Here

Partner with Franchise Connect and Get These Benefits FREE


Even if you're active in the New Jersey/New York area, the options for choosing a franchise location can seem overwhelming.  It's difficult to know if you're making a wise lease or purchase decision.  The Franchise Connect team are experts in local commercial real estate.  Our stellar industry reputation is evidenced by more than 10 years of services and hundreds of completed transactions.  

Here's what you get FREE of charge when you work with Franchise Connect:

  • Connections with franchisors in your category of interest.


  • Review of multiple business locations with personal explanations of what makes each location unique.   As might be expected, the best locations are typically more expensive, so we'll discuss if the additional investment is worth it.


  • Special leasing programs for new business along with added incentives from landlords happy to have you leasing their property.

We'll only show you locations that have been pre-approved by your Franchisor and as your business grows we can show you the demographic maps to pinpoint where your next location makes the most sense.

Smart investing in the right franchise and location is a long-term business strategy: Should you wish to sell your business in the future, having the right location will be a key factor in a successful sale.

Call us today to get started!

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