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Welcome to Franchise Connect

Welcome to Franchise Connect, your one-stop franchise coordinator in the  New Jersey market, here to make the franchise process seamless for both franchisors and franchisees.

If you're interested in a franchise opportunity we:

  • Connect you with franchisors with opportunities in your target market

  • Present retail or office space for your franchise

  • Coordinate purchase or leasing of your business space

If You're a company that offers franchises we:

  • Connect you with people searching for franchise opportunities

  • Facilitate the process by helping clients find ideal retail/office locations

  • Promote your franchise opportunities to over 1,000 existing business owners

Franchise Connect opens the market to those interested in pursuing a franchise opportunity but are overwhelmed by the myriad of details involved in getting started. We can help a potential business owner visualize the “who, where and when” of starting a business.

We save potential franchisors thousands of dollars in startup costs with lease discounts and financing packages.  Additionally, we provide access to unlisted business locations that can often make or break a new franchise.

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